About Ernika

More than know Ernika

  • Fix deficiencies with consultation of experts
  • Control and test the quality of all products
  • 24-hours support to customers
  • Quality packaging

Ernika policy

All production stages of a cotton clothes in Ernika includes the production of yarn, cloth, cutting, sewing, and packaging is done under the supervision of each section experts. Ernika is trying to provide its product to sale quite standardly and correctly.

Ernika production with accurate quality control believes that all the goods that deliver to customers are safe and without difficulty.

Where we started?

In 1393 (2014), Ernika production with new management began to work. Ernika’s staffs were attempting and tries to do their quality of work twice before. Nevertheless, have tried to hold constant prices of goods. Main sale center of Ernika production is located in Tabriz, but according to customers need Ernika has sale branches in Tehran and Azerbaijan that you can receive this branches information from the Contact Us section. Ernika is trying to satisfy their customers with quality production, keep prices fair, and appropriate supply of goods.